Project Management

  • Design Management

    value engineering

    Design Management enables integrated, sustainable planning and transparent feasibility facts, to facilitate assumption of decision-making responsibility, to reduce the risk of decisions, wrong decisions and wrong planning. With a flexible adaption to project respective customer requirements during all planning phases, you always get optimized solutions.

  • Construction Management

    together for success

    The main difference between CM (construction management) and traditional tendering methods is that CM saves the customer time and money, provides more flexibility, quality and better project management, and it ultimately minimizes risks. This means that CM ensures better project execution and greater profitability.

  • Commissioning Management

    ready to use

    During commissioning, it is ensured that all systems and components of a building or industrial plant have been installed, tested and can be operated and maintained according to the guaranteed functionality in accordance with the contractually agreed requirements of the customer.


Lean Management Solutions

Agile planning – stable execution

Lean Construction is a unique way to make production planning and site process coordination more efficient. Therefore Lean Construction Management Solutions will not be an optional way to handle projects in the future, but a significant factor for sustainable and long-term business success.

Focus on your core business

Global competition and the associated pressure of innovation in grouth markets leads to an increase in the complexity of projects implemented by Amperox customers. At the same time, the ever-increasing demands on supply, safety parameters and process quality for high-tech production facilities are raising expectations of shorter construction cycles and dynamic project implementation. This applies to the supply utilities as well as to safety parameters or process quality. Project management has become an essential focus. With professional cost, schedule and quality management, savings can be achieved, deadlines can be met reliably and risks for the client can be identified in advance. Highest planning quality from a single source is the key to the success of many Amperox customers. Amperox’s technical knowledge, local connections and broad market experience enable us to offer specialised services throughout the entire project life cycle.  From planning and design to construction and management, Amperox helps clients manage the costs of their projects, complete the development cycle and achieve an advanced level of sustainability, including LEED and BREEAM ratings.

With individual planning and service phases such as

  • Feasibility studies, concept engineering
  • preliminary and approval design
  • Final construction design, submission, supply-chain-management
  • Construction supervision and commissioning

Amperox ensures, because of long time experience and the resulting data base, project success and complete client support.

Agile Project Management

Via so called agile planning processes, we manage planning and project execution, while constantly keeping an eye on profitability and searching for the best solutions with value engineering. With the Amperox customer login we provide all necessary project information.  This enables us to share information real time on all relevant documents, to monitor the construction site progress on a daily basis and to work closely together, from the planner to the construction worker.